Media Display + Mobile Charging

With 100-second loops and ten-second spots, a single message can be seen 36 times during a one-hour stay.


The Military home canteen is an oasis for all servicemen, offering much-needed moments of rest and refreshment during military service. The diverse services offered by Sotilaskoti canteens are also enjoyed by cadre complements, more than 300 reservists’ organisations, military refresher course participants, and many other groups.

Charging station

A network of mobile charging stations, built by the Sotilaskotiliitto federation in partnership with local associations, fulfils the much-requested and important need for charging mobile devices during canteen visits.

Media display

At the same time, it receives almost undivided attention with its 42-inch media display in this unique environment. In addition to announcements from the Sotilaskotiliitto federation, the display can be used to show messages from selected partners.


Media display placement and quantities: Hamina 2, Hämeenlinna 2, Kajaani 2, Santahamina 2, Dragsvik 1, Niinisalo 1, Tikkakoski 1, Pansio 1, Riihimäki 1, Rovaniemi 1, Suomenlinna 1, Säkylä  1 Sodankylä 1, Upinniemi 1, Utti 1, Vekaranjärvi 1.

Military Home  canteen users

  • 22,000 servicemen
  • 8,000 cadre officers
  • 30,000 reservists taking part in refresher exercises
  • members of 323 different reservists’ associations (e.g. shooting range users)
  • Other officials and training course participants

Reach of communications and number of viewst

The Military home canteen is a place where servicemen spend 89% of their free time (survey by the Sotilaskotiliitto federation). The canteens are places for enjoying much more than just restaurant services: They are for purchasing snacks and equipment, using library services, playing games, or simply for spending some free time that is calculated in hours, not in walk-bys. They are for meeting family members and friends from other units and for talking about experiences. A Military home canteen is a safe place for contacting close friends and family members and for loading off any worries. In a word, it is a home for soldiers. With 100-second loops and ten-second spots, a single message can be seen 36 times during a one-hour stay.

Technical data for the material

Resolution 1080×1920
Aspect ratio 9:16
Image formats (JPG, JPEG, and PNG)
Video formats (MP4)
Audio: NO
Maximum file size (10 MB)
Maximum video run-time (10 seconds)

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